OnixS C++ FIX Engine  4.0.0
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBase64EncodingBASE64 encoding service
 CCryptographCryptography service
 CDecoderPerforms FAST to FIX decoding
 CEncoderEncodes FIX messages into FAST representation
 CEventBasedDecoderPerforms FAST decoding using IDecodeListener to inform user about the decoding process
 CIDecodeListenerDecode session's listener
 CDecoderPerforms SBE to FIX decoding
 CEncoderEncodes FIX messages into SBE representation
 CEventBasedDecoderPerforms SBE to FIX decoding
 CIDecodeListenerSBE decode session's listener
 CAcceptorConnectionSettingsSession connection settings for session-acceptors
 CCounterpartyCollection of parameters required to establish connection with counterparty (session-acceptor)
 CDayOfWeekSpecifies day of the week
 CInitiatorConnectionSettingsSession connection settings for session-initiators
 CSequenceNumberResetPolicyDefines session sequence number reset policy
 CSessionConnectionSettingsCollection of connection-related attributes for the session
 CSessionDurationSpecifies activity time frame for the session
 CSessionScheduleDefines activity time frames for the session
 CSessionSchedulerScheduler performs session connection maintenance according to the specified schedule for session activities
 CSessionSchedulerListenerSessionScheduler events notifications
 CSessionSchedulerOptionsCollection of miscellaneous parameters which affect session scheduler behavior
 CTimeOfDayRepresents time of day
 CConfirmationLogonMessageErrorExceptionFirst received message is an invalid Logon message
 CConnectionModeThe way in which the Engine will work with sockets
 CDecimalDecimal type for better precision
 CDictionaryIdentifies FIX messages dictionary
 CEncryptionMethodDefines encryption methods
 CEngineFIX Engine
 CEngineErrorReasonError reason
 CEngineSettingsFIX Engine settings
 CEngineWarningReasonWarning reason
 CErrorReasonError reason
 CFieldField primary attributes (tag and a reference to a value)
 CFieldInfoIdentifies attributes of a FIX field
 CFieldSetEncapsulates primary operations over collection of FIX fields like FIX message and repeating group instance are
 CConstIteratorConstant iterator to iterate over all fields in the given FieldSet instance
 CFieldValueRefImplements concept of a read-only reference to a FIX field value
 CFirstMessageNotLogonExceptionFirst received message is not a Logon (MsgType=A) FIX Message
 CGroupEncapsulates operations over FIX Repeating Group
 CIteratorMutable iterator to iterate over all group instances in the repeating group
 CGroupInstanceSingle instance of FIX Repeating Group
 CHourSpanHour time span presentation
 CIEngineListenerEngine's Listener
 CISessionListenerSession's Listener
 CISessionStorageSession's pluggable storage
 CISessionStorageListenerSession Storage listener that is used to replay messages
 CRawMessagePointerPointer to the native (tag=value) FIX Message
 CLinkErrorExceptionTelecommunication link error is detected after sending the initial Logon message
 CMessageEncapsulates operations over a FIX Message
 CMessageParsingFlagCollection of flags which affect the way FIX message is parsed from its raw (tag=value) presentation
 CMessageStringingFlagContains flags which affect FIX message textual presentation
 CMessageValidationFlagCollection of flags which affect the way FIX message is validated
 CMicrosecondSpanMicrosecond time span presentation
 CMillisecondSpanMillisecond time span presentation
 CMinuteSpanMinute time span presentation
 CMonthDefines all the months in the year
 CNanosecondSpanNanosecond time span presentation
 CNumberHelper class for conversion from string to number
 CPicosecondSpanPicosecond time span presentation
 CProtocolVersionFIX Protocol version
 CRawMessageHelper class to represent a raw FIX message
 CSecondSpanSecond time span presentation
 CSerializedMessageProvides access to FIX fields from a serialized (tag=value) message
 CSessionFIX Session - a bi-directional stream of ordered messages between two parties within a continuous sequence number series
 CSessionRoleSession role
 CSessionSendModeSession send mode
 CSessionStateSession state
 CSessionStorageTypeSession Storage type
 CStringRefProvides efficient way of accessing text-based FIX field values
 CTagTraitsTag traits
 CTimeDetailsTime related constants
 CTimeoutExceptionTimeout is occurred after sending the initial Logon message
 CTimeSpanTime span related functionality
 CTimeSpanFormatCollection of time span formats supported
 CTimestampTimestamps related functionality
 CTimestampFormatCollection of timestamp formats supported
 CUnexpectedSequenceNumberExceptionFirst received message is a Logon message with wrong sequence number
 CValidFieldValueIdentifies attributes of a valid FIX field value
 CVersionIdentifies version of the product
 CWarningReasonWarning reason
 CYearMonthDayYear, month, day fields
 CMulticastClientProvides User Datagram Protocol (UDP) multicast mode network services
 CTcpClientProvides client connections for TCP network services
 CConditionCondition variable - a synchronization objects that allows threads to wait for certain events (conditions) to occur
 CGuardPerforms automatic acquisition and release of synchronization object
 CMutexProtects a resources from simultaneous access by multiple threads
 CSemaphoreLimits number of threads that can access shared resource simultaneously
 CThisThreadExposes manipulations over current thread
 CThreadAffinityRepresents set of CPU indices
 NstdSTL namespace
 Cless< OnixS::FIX::StringRef >Allows using of StringRef in collections like std::map