OnixS C++ FIX Engine  4.7.0
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IEngineListener Class Referenceabstract

#include <OnixS/FIXEngine/FIX/IEngineListener.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IEngineListener () ONIXS_FIXENGINE_DEFAULT
virtual void onUnknownIncomingConnection (const FlatMessage &incomingLogon, const int listenPort, const int counterpartyPort, const std::string &counterpartyIpAddress, std::string *rejectReason)=0
virtual void onError (EngineErrorReason::Enum reason, const std::string &description)=0
virtual void onWarning (EngineWarningReason::Enum reason, const std::string &description)=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file IEngineListener.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ~IEngineListener ( )
FIX Engine does NOT manage the lifetime of this listener.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void onError ( EngineErrorReason::Enum  reason,
const std::string &  description 
pure virtual

Called when an error is detected.

[in]reasonError reason.
[in]descriptionError description.
virtual void onUnknownIncomingConnection ( const FlatMessage incomingLogon,
const int  listenPort,
const int  counterpartyPort,
const std::string &  counterpartyIpAddress,
std::string *  rejectReason 
pure virtual

Called when an unknown incoming FIX connection is detected.

To accept the connection dynamic new session may be created in scope of this callback with appropriate TargetCompID, SenderCompID and FIX version/dialect. This dynamically created session should be logon as acceptor otherwise the incoming connection will be rejected.

If the dynamic session will not be created then incoming connection will be rejected and the rejectReason could be specified then the Logout(5) message will be sent to the counterparty.

[in]incomingLogonIncoming Logon message. In general it is needed to examine the content and properties of this message to create appropriate acceptor.
[in]listenPortListen port.
[in]counterpartyPortCounterparty port.
[in]counterpartyIpAddressCounterparty IP address.
[out]rejectReasonTo send the Logout message before closing the rejected connection set the rejection description to this parameter.
virtual void onWarning ( EngineWarningReason::Enum  reason,
const std::string &  description 
pure virtual

Called when an warning is detected.

[in]reasonWarning reason.
[in]descriptionWarning description.

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