OnixS C++ CME iLink 3 Binary Order Entry Handler  1.18.0
API Documentation
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 System Requirements
 Getting Started
 Error Reporting
 SBE Message
 Message Fields
 Repeating Groups
 Schema Versioning
 iLink 3 Session
 Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)
 Establishing Connection
 Exchanging Messages
 Message Sequence Numbers
 Configuring the Handler
 Configuration File Examples (XML, JSON, and INI-based)
 Session Storage
 File-Based Session Storage
 Asynchronous File-Based Session Storage
 Memory-based Session Storage
 Pluggable Session Storage
 Advanced Programming
 Threading Models
 Thread Safety
 Session Initialization and Binding
 Session States
 Listening to Session Events
 Handling NotApplied Messages
 Handling Business Reject Messages
 Automated Downloading of GTC and GTD Orders
 Fault Tolerance
 Understanding Send Latency
 Scheduling Sessions for Automatic Connection
 Session Schedule
 Session Connection Settings
 Predefined Schedules and Connection Settings
 Linux Signals
 Solarflare-specific Features
 Tag-based Messaging
 Gateway Emulator
 Message Throttling
 Reduce the Probability of Message Fragmentation Across Multiple TCP Packets
 Taking timestamps of the received data
 ExternalThread Mode
 Audit Trail Generator
 Best Practices
 Low Latency Best Practices
 Frequently Asked Questions
 Getting Started Sample
 External Thread Mode Sample
 Order Entry Service Gateway Sample
 Sbe Log Decoder Sample
 Session Scheduler Sample
 TCPDirect Benchmark Sample
 TCPDirect Getting Started Sample
 TCPStandard Benchmark Sample
 Pluggable Storage Sample
 Tag Based Messaging Sample
 Benchmark Sample
 Trading Client Sample
 Exchange Emulator Sample
 Thread Pool Mode Sample