OnixS C++ CME iLink 3 Binary Order Entry Handler  1.15.0
API Documentation
Message Fields

An SBE message provides access to message fields via its methods.

To get/set a field value, use the corresponding method of the strongly typed message class.


The naming convention for setters is setFieldName(..).

Setting Optional Fields

To set the value of the optional field to null, use the setFieldNameToNull() method.

It is also possible to use NullFieldType constants (OnixS::CME::iLink3::Messaging::NullUInt32, OnixS::CME::iLink3::Messaging::NullLocalMktDate,OnixS::CME::iLink3::Messaging::NullEnumNULL, OnixS::CME::iLink3::Messaging::NullPRICE9, etc.).


The naming convention for getters is fieldName().

Getting Optional Fields

Getters for optional fields return true if the value is present, otherwise - false.


using namespace OnixS::CME::iLink3;
typedef MessageHolder<NewOrderSingle514> NewOrderSingle;
NewOrderSingle order;
// Set fields:
// Set an optional field to the `null` value:
// or
// Get required fields:
const SideReq::Enum side = order->side();
const StrRef senderId = order->senderId();
const StrRef clOrdId = order->clOrdId();
const UInt32 orderQty = order->orderQty();
// Get an optional field:
PRICE9 price;
if (order->price(price))