OnixS C++ CME iLink 3 Binary Order Entry Handler  1.18.2
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 CBusinessRejectReasonCode to identify reason for a Business Message Reject message
 CCgwSessionAn iLink 3 Session for CME Convenience Gateways (CGW)
 CEstablishmentRejectErrorCodeThe Establishment Reject message error codes
 CNegotiationRejectErrorCodeThe Negotiation Reject message error codes
 CNotAppliedActionAction to be taken when the NotApplied message is received from the exchange
 CReactorTypeNetwork reactor type
 CReceivedDataTimestampRepresents a timestamp of the received data
 CSessionAn iLink 3 Session
 CSessionErrorReasonSession Error Reason
 CSessionListenerSession's Listener
 CSessionReactorSession's network stack reactor interface
 CSessionSettingsSession settings
 CSessionStateIdSession state ID
 CSessionStorageSession's storage
 CSessionStorageTypeSession Storage Type
 CSessionWarningReasonSession Warning Reason
 CSocketOptionSocket option of the SOL_SOCKET level
 CTagBasedSessionListenerTag-based Session Listener
 CTcpDirectAttrTCPDirect Attributes to pass configuration details (a wrapper around the zf_attr struct)
 CTcpDirectStackA high-level wrapper over the TCPDirect network stack
 CTcpInfoTCP state information
 CTcpStandardStackA high-level wrapper over the TCP standard stack
 CTerminateErrorCodeThe Terminate message error codes
 CThreadingModelThreading model