OnixS C++ FIX Engine  4.11.0
API Documentation
File-based Logs Structure

The OnixS C++ FIX Engine logs its data into FixEngineLog.txt file located in MsgStorage subfolder of the current (for executing application) folder.

There are the following log levels:

All warnings/errors trigger corresponding session-level or engine-level onWarning()/onError() callbacks. All warnings/errors have the reasons enumeration, please see IEngineListener.h / ISessionListener.h headers.

For each FIX session with a file-based session storage, the following files are also created in the MsgStorage folder:

SESSION_NAME is formed on the base of values returned by OnixS::FIX::Session::senderCompId, OnixS::FIX::Session::targetCompId, session's dictionary FIX Version (OnixS::FIX::Dictionary::version) and a timestamp. During the run-time, it's available via OnixS::FIX::Session's string casting to overload.