OnixS C++ Eurex T7 Market and Reference Data Interface (EMDI, RDI, EOBI) Handlers  7.4.2
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ProductSnapshot Class Reference

#include <OnixS/Eurex/MarketData/ProductSnapshot.h>

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Public Member Functions

StringRef marketId () const
MarketSegmentId marketSegmentId () const
UInt32 effectiveBusinessDate () const
UInt32 nextEffectiveBusinessDate () const
StringRef marketSegment () const
StringRef currency () const
MarketSegmentStatus::Enum marketSegmentStatus () const
PartitionId partitionId () const
bool marketSegmentDesc (StringRef &desc) const
bool marketSegmentSymbol (StringRef &symbol) const
bool parentMktSegmID (StringRef &id) const
bool usFirmFlag (bool &flag) const
MarketSegmentType::Enum marketSegmentType () const
MarketSegmentSubType::Enum marketSegmentSubType () const
DecaySplit::Enum decaySplit () const
bool underlyingSecurityExchange (StringRef &value) const
bool underlyingSymbol (StringRef &value) const
bool underlyingSecurityId (StringRef &value) const
bool underlyingSecurityIdSource (StringRef &value) const
bool underlyingPrevClosePx (Decimal &price) const
InstrumentScopes instrumentScopes () const
RelatedMarketSegments relatedMarketSegments () const
TickRules tickRules () const
PriceRangeRules priceRangeRules () const
QuoteSideIndicator::Enum quoteSideIndicator () const
QuoteSideModelType::Enum quoteSideModelType () const
bool fastMarketPercentage (Decimal &value) const
QuoteSizeRules quoteSizeRules () const
FlexRules flexRules () const
AuctionTypeRules auctionTypeRules () const
MatchRules matchRules () const
Feeds feeds () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Message
 Message (const Message &other)
 ~Message ()
FieldValueRef type () const
SequenceNumber seqNum () const
FieldValueRef senderCompId () const
bool operator== (const Message &) const
bool operator!= (const Message &) const
std::string toString (char delimiter=0x1, MessageStringingFlags flags=MessageStringingFlag::IncludeFieldTagNumber) const
std::string toStringWithFieldNames () const
void toString (std::string &str, char delimiter=0x1, MessageStringingFlags flags=MessageStringingFlag::IncludeFieldTagNumber) const
Messageoperator= (const Message &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FieldSet
 operator bool () const
FieldValueRef get (Tag tag) const
Int32 getInt32 (Tag tag) const
UInt32 getUInt32 (Tag tag) const
Int64 getInt64 (Tag tag) const
UInt64 getUInt64 (Tag tag) const
Decimal getDecimal (Tag tag) const
StringRef getStringRef (Tag tag) const
Timestamp getTimestamp (Tag tag, TimestampFormat::Enum=TimestampFormat::YYYYMMDDHHMMSSNsec) const
Group getGroup (Tag numberOfInstancesTag) const
Group getOptionalGroup (Tag numberOfInstancesTag) const
bool hasFlag (Tag tag) const
size_t fields (Fields &fields) const
void swap (FieldSet &) throw ()


class ProductSnapshotWrapper

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from FieldSet
 FieldSet ()
 FieldSet (const Message *, void *)
 FieldSet (const FieldSet &)
 ~FieldSet ()
FieldSetoperator= (const FieldSet &)
- Protected Attributes inherited from FieldSet
const Messagecontainer_
void * impl_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 737 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

Member Function Documentation

AuctionTypeRules auctionTypeRules ( ) const

Match rules.

Definition at line 930 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

StringRef currency ( ) const

Currency as published in ISO 4217.

Definition at line 772 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

DecaySplit::Enum decaySplit ( ) const

Definition at line 832 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

UInt32 effectiveBusinessDate ( ) const

Current business date.

Definition at line 754 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

bool fastMarketPercentage ( Decimal value) const

Percentage by which range resulting from PriceRangeValue and PriceRangePercentage has to be extended to obtain the valid price range during Fast Market

Definition at line 912 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

Feeds feeds ( ) const

Feeds The group is absent for buckets, when marketSegmentSubType() is equel to MarketSegmentSubType::BTRFBucket

Definition at line 947 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

FlexRules flexRules ( ) const

Flex rules.

Definition at line 924 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

InstrumentScopes instrumentScopes ( ) const

Instrument Scopes.

Definition at line 868 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

StringRef marketId ( ) const

Market Identifier Code as specified in ISO 10383.

Definition at line 742 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

StringRef marketSegment ( ) const

Product name.

Definition at line 766 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

bool marketSegmentDesc ( StringRef desc) const

Product Description.

Definition at line 790 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

MarketSegmentId marketSegmentId ( ) const

Product identifier.

Definition at line 748 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

MarketSegmentStatus::Enum marketSegmentStatus ( ) const

Defines the TES security status.

Definition at line 778 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

MarketSegmentSubType::Enum marketSegmentSubType ( ) const

Market Segment subtype.

Definition at line 826 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

bool marketSegmentSymbol ( StringRef symbol) const

Product ISIN.

Definition at line 796 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

MarketSegmentType::Enum marketSegmentType ( ) const

Market Segmen type.

Definition at line 820 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

MatchRules matchRules ( ) const

Match rules. The group is absent for buckets, when marketSegmentSubType() is equel to MarketSegmentSubType::BTRFBucket

Definition at line 938 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

UInt32 nextEffectiveBusinessDate ( ) const

Next business date.

Definition at line 760 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

bool parentMktSegmID ( StringRef id) const

Standard Eurex product types.

Definition at line 802 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

PartitionId partitionId ( ) const

Partition of the product.

Definition at line 784 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

PriceRangeRules priceRangeRules ( ) const

Price range rules. The group is absent for buckets, when marketSegmentSubType() is equel to MarketSegmentSubType::BTRFBucket

Definition at line 892 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

QuoteSideIndicator::Enum quoteSideIndicator ( ) const

Defines if one sided quotes are allowed.

Definition at line 899 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

QuoteSideModelType::Enum quoteSideModelType ( ) const

Defines if one sided quotes are allowed.

Definition at line 905 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

QuoteSizeRules quoteSizeRules ( ) const

Quote size rules.

Definition at line 918 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

RelatedMarketSegments relatedMarketSegments ( ) const

Related Market Segments.

Definition at line 874 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

TickRules tickRules ( ) const

Tick rules. The group is absent for buckets, when marketSegmentSubType() is equel to MarketSegmentSubType::BTRFBucket

Definition at line 882 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

bool underlyingPrevClosePx ( Decimal price) const

Closing price of the underlying on the previous day.

Definition at line 862 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

bool underlyingSecurityExchange ( StringRef value) const

Market Identifier Code of the underlying as specified in ISO 10383.

Definition at line 838 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

bool underlyingSecurityId ( StringRef value) const

ISIN code of the underlying.

Definition at line 850 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

bool underlyingSecurityIdSource ( StringRef value) const

Underlying Security ID Source.

Definition at line 856 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

bool underlyingSymbol ( StringRef value) const

Underlying security symbol.

Definition at line 844 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

bool usFirmFlag ( bool &  flag) const

Flag to identify whether product may be traded from the USA.

Definition at line 808 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ProductSnapshotWrapper

Definition at line 954 of file ProductSnapshot.h.

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