OnixS C++ Eurex T7 Market and Reference Data (EMDI, MDI, RDI, EOBI) Handlers  16.1.3
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AddComplexInstrument Class Reference

#include <OnixS/Eurex/MarketData/EOBI/AddComplexInstrument.h>

Public Member Functions

std::string msgType () const
EOBI::MarketDataType::Enum marketDataType () const
EOBI::SecurityUpdateAction::Enum securityUpdateAction () const
EOBI::SecurityIDSource::Enum securityIDSource () const
EOBI::LegSecurityIDSource::Enum legSecurityIDSource () const
EOBI::NoMarketSegments::Enum noMarketSegments () const
EOBI::SecurityType::Enum securityType () const
UInt64 securityID () const
UInt64 transactTime () const
StringRef securityDesc () const
UInt32 securitySubType () const
EOBI::ProductComplex::Enum productComplex () const
EOBI::ImpliedMarketIndicator::Enum impliedMarketIndicator () const
bool quantityScalingFactor (UInt16 &result) const ONIXS_EUREX_EMDI_NOEXCEPT
LastFragment::Enum lastFragment () const
UInt32 legRatioMultiplier () const
UInt8 noLegs () const
AddComplexInstrumentEntries instrmtLegGrp () const
void toString (std::string &) const ONIXS_EUREX_EMDI_OVERRIDE
- Public Member Functions inherited from MessageBase
UInt32 msgSeqNum () const
std::string toString () const
virtual ~MessageBase ()
const DataSourcedataSource () const


class Implementation::MessageFactory

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from MessageBase
 MessageBase (const void *data, const DataSource &dataSource)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DataContainer
 DataContainer (const void *data)
template<class TData >
const TData * getData () const ONIXS_EUREX_EMDI_NOEXCEPT

Detailed Description

Definition at line 84 of file AddComplexInstrument.h.

Member Function Documentation

EOBI::ImpliedMarketIndicator::Enum impliedMarketIndicator ( ) const

Indicates that an implied market to be created for either the legs of a multi-leg instrument (Implied-in) or for the multi-leg instrument based on the existence of the legs (Impliedout). Determination as to whether implied markets should be created is generally done at the level of the multileg instrument. Commonly used in listed derivatives.

AddComplexInstrumentEntries instrmtLegGrp ( ) const

Variable size array, record counter: NoLegs.

LastFragment::Enum lastFragment ( ) const
UInt32 legRatioMultiplier ( ) const

Common integer multiple of the option legs for Option Volatility Strategies.

EOBI::LegSecurityIDSource::Enum legSecurityIDSource ( ) const

Marketplace assigned identifier.

EOBI::MarketDataType::Enum marketDataType ( ) const

Market data type.

std::string msgType ( ) const

Message type.

UInt8 noLegs ( ) const

Counter: number of Legs repeating group instances.

EOBI::NoMarketSegments::Enum noMarketSegments ( ) const

Number of market segments.

EOBI::ProductComplex::Enum productComplex ( ) const

This field qualifies an instrument type on Eurex.

bool quantityScalingFactor ( UInt16 result) const
StringRef securityDesc ( ) const

Human readable description of instrument.

UInt64 securityID ( ) const

Unique instrument identifier.

EOBI::SecurityIDSource::Enum securityIDSource ( ) const

Marketplace assigned identifier.

UInt32 securitySubType ( ) const

Strategy Type.

EOBI::SecurityType::Enum securityType ( ) const

Security type.

EOBI::SecurityUpdateAction::Enum securityUpdateAction ( ) const

Security update action.

void toString ( std::string &  ) const

Appends text presentation.

Reimplemented from MessageBase.

UInt64 transactTime ( ) const

Transaction timestamp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Implementation::MessageFactory

Definition at line 148 of file AddComplexInstrument.h.

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