OnixS C++ CME MDP Premium Market Data Handler  5.8.3
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IncrementalRefreshVolume37 Struct Reference

#include <OnixS/CME/MDH/Messages.h>


struct  Entry

Public Types

enum  { TemplateId = 37 }
typedef BinaryGroup< Entry, GroupSize, MessageSizeEntries
- Public Types inherited from BinaryMessage
typedef MessageSize EncodedLength
typedef MessageSize BlockLength
typedef BinaryGroups< MessageSizeGroups

Public Member Functions

 IncrementalRefreshVolume37 ()
 IncrementalRefreshVolume37 (const void *data, EncodedLength length)
Timestamp transactTime () const
MatchEventIndicator matchEventIndicator () const
Entries entries () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from BinaryMessage
 BinaryMessage ()
 BinaryMessage (const void *encoded, EncodedLength length)
 BinaryMessage (const BinaryMessage &other)
 operator bool () const
MessageTemplateId templateId () const
SchemaVersion version () const
const void * encoded () const
EncodedLength encodedLength () const
const void * block () const
BlockLength blockLength () const
Groups groups () const
BinaryMessageoperator= (const BinaryMessage &other)

Static Public Member Functions

static BlockLength blockLength (SchemaVersion)
static const CharclassName ()
static StrRef fixType ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from BinaryBlock< BinaryMessage, MessageSize >
 BinaryBlock ()
 ~BinaryBlock ()
Value ordinary (MessageSizeoffset) const
bool ordinary (Value &value, MessageSizeoffset, const NullValue &null) const
bool ordinary (Value &value, MessageSizeoffset, const NullValue &null, SchemaVersion since) const
Enumeration::Enum enumeration (MessageSizeoffset) const
bool enumeration (typename Enumeration::Enum &value, MessageSizeoffset, const NullValue &null) const
bool enumeration (typename Enumeration::Enum &value, MessageSizeoffset, const NullValue &null, SchemaVersion since) const
Decimal decimal (MessageSizeoffset) const
bool decimal (Decimal &value, MessageSizeoffset, const NullValue &null) const
bool decimal (Decimal &value, MessageSizeoffset, const NullValue &null, SchemaVersion since) const
StrRef fixedStr (MessageSizeoffset) const
StrRef fixedStr (MessageSizeoffset, SchemaVersion since) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3920 of file Messages.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Repeating group containing Entry entries.

Definition at line 4003 of file Messages.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Message template ID from SBE schema.


Definition at line 3923 of file Messages.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Initializes blank instance.

Definition at line 4006 of file Messages.h.

IncrementalRefreshVolume37 ( const void *  data,
EncodedLength  length 

Initializes instance over given memory block.

Definition at line 4009 of file Messages.h.

Member Function Documentation

static BlockLength blockLength ( SchemaVersion  )

Size of message body in bytes.

Definition at line 4050 of file Messages.h.

static const Char* className ( )

Returns class name.

Definition at line 4057 of file Messages.h.

Entries entries ( ) const

Returns instance of Entries repeating group.

Definition at line 4043 of file Messages.h.

static StrRef fixType ( )

FIX message type.

Definition at line 4064 of file Messages.h.

MatchEventIndicator matchEventIndicator ( ) const

Bitmap field of eight Boolean type indicators reflecting the end of updates for a given Globex event.

Definition at line 4035 of file Messages.h.

Timestamp transactTime ( ) const

Start of event processing time in number of nanoseconds since Unix epoch.

Definition at line 4026 of file Messages.h.

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