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Multicast Tunnel Proxy

For test environment, the multicast tunnel proxy can be used to receive multicast messages through a TCP tunnel.

How to install?

Multicast tunnel proxy utility is available as part of "ICE iMpact Multicast Price Feed Getting Started" package which can be obtained from by contacting ICE support (

How it works?

The tunnel proxy establishes a socket connection to the feed server, receives the messages and multicasts them on the local network based on the multicast group mapping rules from file.

Once the tunnel proxy is launched, multicast client can join the local multicast channels that the tunnel is currently multicasting. This provides a seamless operation from the clients' perspective. The diagram below illustrates the connectivity:

Multicast Tunnel Proxy

The tunnel TCP server address is But the tunnel port could be different depending on the multicast groups. You can find the port numbers under connection info for API Test env in "ICE iMpact Multicast Feed Technical Specification".

How to specify a network interface?

Configuration parameter tunnel.multicast.interface in the file could be used.

# In case you want to multicast on a specific interface, or if your local network doesn't support
# multicast, you can uncomment the following property. This property sets the multicast interface
# to
Note Note
The value works perfectly in most cases.
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