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Multicast Test Program

To troubleshoot multicast issues we provide a simple program that may be used to test multicast feed connectivity issues. This utility can be downloaded from our web-site using this link . The credentais are available upon request.

How does `MulticastTest` work?

`MulticastTest` for ICE is a CLI tool which accepts IP and port of the multicast group you want to test. If UDP data is available for the given multicast group, MulticastTest receives UDP packets, checks ordering and reports statistics or warnings about sequence GAPs.

For example, the following command checks the availability of ICE Futures Brent, Price Level, Live Feed in APITest environment:

$ MulticastTest.exe --verbose --ip --port 20228 --interface --maxPackets 30
port: 20228
timeout: 30
maxPackets: 30
Creating socket
Initializing socket address
Initializing mcast request
Initializing interface address
Joining mcast group
Date: 07/15/2013
    Time         Bytes        Packets
Entering test loop
11:45:21           572              4
11:45:22          1573             11
11:45:23          2574             18
11:45:24          3432             24
11:45:25          4433             31

Please see `README.txt` file for build and usage instructions.