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Connectivity Troubleshooting

This section provides information about main problems that can prevent the OnixS ICE iMpact Multicast Price Feed Handler from receiving multicast data.

TCP Data Issues

Login request rejected because last attempt was fewer than 15 seconds ago

This is an exchange limitation and the only way to resolve it is to not login more than one time in 15 seconds.

Note Note
It is possible to simultaneously login using different credentials.
Multicast Data Issues

In most cases, absence of multicast data is caused by network-related configuration issues described below.

Firewall blocks GettingStarted sample

Updating firewall rules or simply turning it off usually solves the issue.

Note Note
Disabling firewall explicitly may be dangerous. Consult your network and system administrator before turning firewall off.

Explicit network interface must be specified

GettingStarted sample program configures the Handler to listen to market data on all network interfaces. If network configuration supposes specifying exact network interface for market data listening, the NetworkInterface property should be updated accordingly.

Multicast data coming but some packets lost

We have created the Lost multicast packets troubleshooting guide to help our customers find the reason of the multicast packet loss.

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