OnixS Xetra MDI Market Data Handler for C++
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAllTradePriceAll Trade Price message
 CAllTradePriceEntriesGroup of entry instances
 CArgumentExceptionArgument value error
 CArgumentRangeExceptionArgument value range error
 CCrossRequestCross Request message
 CDataSourceData source
 CDecimalDecimal type for better precision
 CErrorCodeKnown (selected) error codes
 CErrorListenerDefines an interface through which the Handler notifies subscribers about errors occurred while processing messages
 CExceptionBasic exception class for this namespace
 CExchFastMrktResetExchange state/FAST market change and technical market reset message
 CFeedDescriptorFeed descriptor
 CFieldSetEncapsulates primary operations over collection of FIX fields like FIX message and repeating group instance are
 CFieldValueRefImplements concept of a read-only reference to a FIX field value
 CFilteringTraitsExport/Import template instantiations
 CGroupEncapsulates operations over FIX Repeating Group
 CGroupInstanceSingle instance of FIX Repeating Group
 CHandlerXetra MDI Market Data Handler class
 CHandlerSettingsHandler base configuration settings
 CHandlerStateDefines the state that the handler is in
 CHandlerStateListenerStatus Listener
 CIFeedDescriptorProivderInterface for feed descriptor providers
 CIncrementalIncremental/Delta message
 CInstrumentCsvFileParserInstrument Csv File Parser
 CInstrumentStateChangeInstrument state change suspended/unsuspended-kock out/revoke message
 CLogFilePermissionLog file read permissions
 CLogLevelLog level
 CLogSettingsLogging options
 CMarketDataFeedListenerMarket Data Feed listener
 CMessageEncapsulates operations over a FIX Message
 CMessageStringingFlagContains flags which affect FIX message textual presentation
 CMonthDefines all the months in the year
 CNotImplementedExceptionMethod doesn't implemented
 CNullArgumentExceptionNull argument value error
 CNumberHelper class for conversion from string to number
 COperationExceptionOperation exception
 CPriceWithoutTurnoverPrice Without Turnover message
 CPriceWithoutTurnoverEntriesGroup of entry instances
 CReplayListenerListening interface for log replay-related events
 CReplayOptionsDefines ONIXS_XETRA_MDI_API which affect logs replay
 CServiceDescriptorService endpoint description
 CSnapshotSnapshot/Full message
 CStateChangesFeedListenerState Changes Feed listener
 CStringRefProvides efficient way of accessing text-based FIX field values
 CSystemStateChangeSystem state change message
 CThreadAffinityRepresents set of CPU indices
 CTickerTicker message
 CTickerEntriesGroup of Leg entry instances
 CTickerEntryTicker entry
 CTickerFeedListenerTicker Feed listener
 CTimeSpanRepresents time interval
 CTimeSpanFormatsTime span formats supported
 CTimestampRepresents timestamp without time-zone information
 CTimestampFormatCollection of timestamp formats supported
 CTradeConditionExposes list of available trade conditions
 CTradingSessionSubIdExposes list of available trading session sub IDs
 CTypedGroupA group of typed instances
 CWarningListenerWarning listener
 CYearMonthDayYear, month, day fields
 NstdSTL namespace
 Cless< OnixS::Xetra::MarketData::MDI::StringRef >Allows using of StringRef in collections like std::map