OnixS C++ CME MDP Premium Market Data Handler  5.8.3
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SocketFeedEngine Class Reference

#include <OnixS/CME/MDH/SocketFeedEngine.h>

Public Member Functions

 SocketFeedEngine (const SocketFeedEngineSettings &)
 SocketFeedEngine ()
 ~SocketFeedEngine () override
void info (std::string &) override
NetFeedLinkallocate (const NetFeed &) override
WatchServicewatch () override
NetFeedEngineProcessResult process () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from NetFeedEngine
virtual ~NetFeedEngine ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from NetFeedEngine
 NetFeedEngine ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 140 of file SocketFeedEngine.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Initializes the engine according to the given configuration.

Initializes the engine with the default settings.

~SocketFeedEngine ( )

Destructs the given instance.

Member Function Documentation

NetFeedLink& allocate ( const NetFeed )

Allocates a link for the given feed.

Implements NetFeedEngine.

void info ( std::string &  )

Appends information on the given implementation to the given string.

Implements NetFeedEngine.

NetFeedEngineProcessResult process ( )

Carries out pending actions like data retrieval and event dispatching.

The returned value indicates whether any events have been handled by the engine.

Implements NetFeedEngine.

WatchService& watch ( )

Exposes an instance of the watch service used while manipulating the feed links.

Implements NetFeedEngine.

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