OnixS CME Drop Copy Handler C++ library  5.6.0
API documentation
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 System RequirementsProvides operating system and software requirements for given SDK
 Migration GuidelinesCovers aspects on migrating from previous releases
 Upgrade from 1.x to 4.xCovers aspects on migrating to version 4.0.0
 Upgrade from 5.3.0 to 5.4.0Covers aspects on migrating to version 5.4.0
 Product VersioningDescribes current product versioning policy
 Getting Started
 Adjusting Handler SettingsDescribes primary aspects of configuring the Handler
 Secure Logon
 Listening to Market Data
 Error Handling
 Handler States
 Advanced ProgrammingProvides information about more advanced development techniques supported by given SDK
 Controlling Handler Logging
 Low Latency Best PracticesUncovers how to configure Handler in order to achieve maximal performance characteristics and lowest processing latency
 Connectivity TroubleshootingProvides information about connectivity troubleshooting
 Check network connectivity using telnet utility
 Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently asked questions
 SupportInformation on support and related resources
 External ResourcesCollection of links to helpful external resources