OnixS CME Drop Copy Handler C++ library  5.4.1
API documentation
Adjusting Handler Settings

Handler Settings

OnixS::CME::DropCopy::Handler constructor accepts instance of the OnixS::CME::DropCopy::HandlerSettings class which defines values for various parameters which affect Handler's behavior. Below section describes role of the most important parameters used in usual cases.

Primary Settings

Directory for Log Files

By default, Handler logs all important aspects of its activity while processing market data. Therefore, it must know where on local filesystem it can store this kind of information. OnixS::CME::DropCopy::InitializationSettings::fixEngineLogDirectory parameter value must be defined to point the Handler in which directory it can place its log files.


Following example demonstrates how to setup primary settings for the Handler:

1 using namespace OnixS::CME::DropCopy;
3 int main (int argc, char* argv[])
4 {
5  HandlerSettings settings;
7  // Logs will be stored in 'logs' local subfolder.
8  settings.logDirectory = "logs";
10  //Fix session settings.
11  settings.senderCompId = "Value from CME Support Team";
12  settings.targetCompId = "CME";
13  settings.senderSubId = "Value from CME Support Team";
14  settings.targetSubId = "G";
15  settings.senderLocationId = "EN,GB";
17  Handler handler (settings);
19  // ...
20 }