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HandlerSettings Class
Defines a set of options which affect the Handler behavior.
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Namespace:  OnixS.NET.ICE.iMpact
Assembly:  OnixS.IceImpactMulticastPriceFeedHandlerNet-4.7.2_x64 (in OnixS.IceImpactMulticastPriceFeedHandlerNet-4.7.2_x64.dll) Version:
public class HandlerSettings

The HandlerSettings type exposes the following members.

Public methodHandlerSettings
Initializes instance with default values for control parameters.
Public propertyAdvancedLogOptions
Additional options to control which data is to be logged. Ignored, if logging is disabled. The default value is AdvancedLogOptions::Default.
Public propertyConnectivityConfiguration
Defines path to connectivity configuration which defines multicast groups, types of markets which belong to the groups and connection info for multicast feeds for the groups.
Public propertyGapTimeoutInMilliseconds
Specifies maximal time interval in milliseconds to wait network packet with next expected sequence number. By default, the value is equal to heartbeat interval (36000 ms).
Public propertyHeartbeatInterval
Specifies maximal time interval in seconds between two network packets. If no data is received during specified time frame, warning is reported. By default, heartbeat interval is 36 seconds.
Public propertyLicenseDirectory
Tells Handler where to look for licenses. By default, Handler looks for license in current directory.
Public propertyLogDirectory
Tells Handler where to store the logs. By default, Handler store log files in current directory.
Public propertyLogFileNamePrefix
Specifies template of log file name without extension.
Public propertyLogLevel
Log verbosity. By default, the level is Info.
Public propertyLogPlayerSpeedAuxDelay
Log player speed auxiliary delay. This is an 'k' in the formula 'mT+k' to calculate delays between packets, where 'T' is original delay. Default value is 0.
Public propertyLogPlayerSpeedMultiplier
Log player speed multiplier. This is an 'm' in the formula 'mT+k' to calculate delays between packets, where 'T' is original delay. Values less than 1 means reduced speed, greater than 1 means increased speed. Default value is 1.0 which means a normal speed.
Public propertyMaxMulticastMessageBlockSize
Max multicast message block size. This option determines the size in bytes of a buffer that is used as a storage for the incoming mulsticast message block. By default, the size set at 1400 bytes.
Public propertyNetworkInterface
Specifies one or more network interfaces to use while joining the multicast group; use semi-colon delimited list if more than one.
Public propertyProductDefinitionCacheDirectory
Path to the product definition cache directory. If a value is set and it is a valid path to a directory, the product definition cache will be created and used on the daily basis. If the value is not set, the cache will not be created an product definitions will be downloaded by establishing a TCP connection to ICE server. Default value is empty string (cache is disabled).
Public propertyReceiveProductDefinitionsOnly
Receive product definitions only. This flag should be set to true when only product definitions are needed. Default value is false.
Public propertySequenceGapMargin
Specifies maximal sequence gap margin between first and last received network packets in internal queue. The default value is 10000.
Public propertySnapshotRecoveryOptions
Specifies snapshot recovery options.
Public propertyUdpBufferSize
This option determines the size of a buffer that is used by multicast transport. By default, buffer size is 4MiB (4194304 bytes).
Public propertyUseHistoricalReplay
Use Historical Replay recovery. In case of message gap, the Handler will try to fill it with Historical Replay Request over TCP connection to get missing messages with corresponding sequence numbers. Default value is false.
Public methodAddLogReplayEntry
Add log file path for replay.
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Public methodRemoveLogReplayEntry
Remove log file path for replay.
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