System Requirements

  • Java 1.8+

Distribution Package Content


The product documentation you are reading now, programming guides, etc.


The product modules and 3rd party dependencies jars. For more information about the used libraries select from the menu on the left:

  1. specific module from the "Modules" menu
  2. "Project Documentation", then "Project Information", then "Dependencies"

The sample applications. For more information, select the Samples module. It is also available from the "Modules" menu on the left.


The evaluation license.

Programming Guide

The programming guide is here.


The SLF4J (Simple Logging Facade for Java) is used for logging. The SLF4J detects and uses the concrete logging implementation configured by the user. By default, the Logback logging implementation is recommended.

The Logback (or any other logging implementation) must be configured at the beginning of the application lifecycle.

The examples of Logback configurations can be found in the Samples module.

The details of the Logback configuration can be found here.