OnixS C++ Tullett Prebon SURF Handler  1.6.0
API documentation
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CArgumentExceptionArgument value error
 CArgumentRangeExceptionArgument value range error
 CConnectionRetriesConnection retries settings
 CErrorCodeKnown (selected) error codes
 CExceptionBasic exception class for this namespace
 CFieldIdsEnumeration of field ID names
 CFieldValueField value
 CHandlerSURF Market Data Handler
 CHandlerSettingsConfiguration settings
 CHandlerStateDefines the state that the handler is in
 CHighResolutionTimeMiscellaneous time traits
 CLogLevelLog level
 CLogSettingsLogging options
 CNotImplementedExceptionMethod doesn't implemented
 CNullArgumentExceptionNull argument value error
 COperationExceptionOperation exception
 CRecordTypeKnown record types