OnixS ICE iMpact Multicast Price Feed Handler C++ library  8.15.1
API documentation
Getting Started

Inner Contents

 Setting Up Feed Engine
 Adjusting Handler Settings
 Connectivity Configuration
 Logging Services
 Error Handling And Recovery
 Understanding Handler States
 Product Definitions
 Selecting Securities Of Interest
 Security Definition Recovery
 Product Definitions Cache
 Event Listeners
 Subscribing To Multicast Groups
 Rational Numbers

Detailed Description

All Handler classes are located under the OnixS::ICE::iMpact::MarketData namespace. Header files are assembled in the "OnixS/ICE/iMpact/MarketData.h" header file.

The Handler needs credentials from ICE to login and download product definitions. Please contact ICE Support to get a username and password for TCP connection. When you receive it please update the connectivity configuration file with these values.

The typical way of using the Handler is as follows: