OnixS C++ FIX Engine  4.11.0
API Documentation
SBE Decoding Templates

Both OnixS::FIX::SBE::Encoder and OnixS::FIX::SBE::Decoder constructors require the string, that contains the XML-based descriptions of coding rules, called SBE templates.

SBE Template

A SBE template represents an XML-based description of encoding and decoding rules in accordance with the SBE specification.

A template identifier (Template ID) is assigned for each SBE template, which uniquely identifies the encoding/decoding rules.

More than one SBE template can be used to encode the same FIX message type.
The SBE template often contains schema version specification at "version" attribute of the root XML node. This means that any version with lower number can be actually used to decode/encode messages.