OnixS C++ FIX Engine  4.10.1
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 Error Reporting
 Engine Initialization and Shutdown
 Selecting FIX Protocol Version
 FIX Message
 FIX Session

Detailed Description

All OnixS C++ FIX Engine classes are located in the OnixS::FIX namespace. Public API is gathered in the "OnixS/FIXEngine.h" - the primary header file for inclusion.

This header file does not include version-specific header files with tag and enum value constants because these files are too large and can increase the compilation time. Therefore, one needs to include the corresponding version-specific header file explicitly (e.g., "OnixS/FIXEngine/FIX/FIX44.h") to use tags or enum values constant.

The typical way of using C++ FIX Engine is as follows: