OnixS Eurex ETI Handler C++ library  9.19.0
API documentation

Account and Security Info

In order to send a test order you need to have values for the following parameters:

Account is assigned by Eurex. MarketSegmentId and SecurityId can be obtained from market data solution or from Eurex directly.


The next step is to get correct price and set it using these parameters:

Price should be in integer format including 8 decimals. For certain asset classes, prices may have negative values. Price limits can be checked using Eurex Admin GUI.

Side, Type and Quantity

The last step is to choose values for the following parameters:

Side can be one of the following values:

For Type please see OnixS::Eurex::Trading::OrdType. Quantity is a numeric field used to set a total order quantity in integer format including 4 decimals.


If you see that Eurex rejects your orders please contact Eurex Support directly to understand the requirements. In case of any issues related to the Handler logic please contact OnixS Support.