OnixS Eurex ETI Handler C++ library  9.19.0
API documentation
Low Latency Best Practices

Disable Logging

Please use this code snippet to disable all logging operations:

// Allow only log messages for fatal errors.
settings.logLevel = LogLevel::Fatal;
// Allow only async logging to file.
settings.logSettings = LogSettings::TraceToFile | LogSettings::Async;

Manipulating Threads Affinity

By default, threads are used by the Handler to send and receive ETI messages and they can be executed on any of available processors/cores. Specifying CPU affinity for each session thread may give a significant performance boost.

Please use this code snippet to set processor affinity mask for sending and receiving threads.

HandlerSettings handlerSettings;
// Sending thread will run on 1st processor core.
// Receiving thread will run on 2nd processor core.