OnixS Eurex ETI Handler C++ library  9.12.0
API documentation
Heartbeat Interval

Initial value for LogonRequest.HeartBtInt is set from OnixS::Eurex::Trading::HandlerSettings::sendingTimeoutMs.

Heartbeat interval 0 means that gateway will not take any action for skipped heartbeats (only allowed for non-production environments). If the value is not set, gateway will define the heartbeat interval.

When LogonResponse is received the Handler sets connection's receive data timeout according to the following formula:

1 Handler.HeartBtInt = LogonResponse.HeartBtInt + LogonResponse.HeartBtInt / 100 * HandlerSettings.ReasonableTransmissionTime

In this formula OnixS::Eurex::Trading::HandlerSettings::reasonableTransmissionTime is used to allow users adjust heartbeat interval according to their requirements.

Timeout for data send will be set exactly to the value of LogonResponse.HeartBtInt without any modifications.