OnixS Eurex ETI Handler C++ library  9.10.1
API documentation
Understanding Handler States

Handler's States

Please find all the available states of the Handler in the table below.

State Description
OnixS::Eurex::Trading::HandlerState::Disconnected The Handler is disconnected.
OnixS::Eurex::Trading::HandlerState::Disconnecting The intermediate state when the Handler is not disconnected but not connected.
OnixS::Eurex::Trading::HandlerState::Connected Handler is connected.
OnixS::Eurex::Trading::HandlerState::Connecting The intermediate state when the Handler is not connected but not disconnected.

Tracking Handler's State

To track the Handler's state you need to implement OnixS::Eurex::Trading::HandlerStateListener class interface and register an instance with the Handler using OnixS::Eurex::Trading::Handler::registerHandlerStateListener member.

Handler's States Transitions

Let's take a closer look what triggers transitions between the Handler's states.

Disconnected -> Connecting

Connecting -> Connected

Connecting -> Disconnected

Connected -> Disconnecting

Disconnecting -> Disconnected