OnixS CME Drop Copy Handler for C++
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAdvancedLogOptionsAdditional options to control log information
 CBitmapFieldSimple wrapper for bitmap field
 CDaysOfWeekIdentifies day within week
 CDecimalDecimal type for better precision
 CDecimalComparatorComparator aggregate providing compare functions
 CDropCopyServiceListenerDrop copy service listener
 CErrorListenerError listener
 CFieldSetEncapsulates primary operations over collection of FIX fields like FIX message and repeating group instance are
 CFieldValueRefReference to a read-only FIX field value
 CGroupEncapsulates operations over FIX Repeating Group
 CGroupInstanceSingle instance of FIX Repeating Group
 CHandlerCME Drop Copy Handler
 CHandlerSettingsHandler's configuration settings
 CHandlerStateChangeHandler state change
 CHandlerStateChangeListenerHandler state change listener
 CHandlerStatesAvailable Handler's states
 CInitializationSettingsCollection of attributes for one-time initialization
 CKnownErrorsList of known errors
 CKnownWarningsList of known warnings
 CLogModesDefines log alternates
 CMessageEncapsulates operations over a FIX Message
 CMessageStringingFlagContains flags which affect FIX message textual presentation
 CMonthsIdentifies months in year
 CNumberHelper class for conversion from string to number
 CSinceEpochUnitsSince epoch time units supported
 CStringZero-terminated sequence of characters
 CStringRefProvides efficient way of accessing text-based FIX field values
 CSubsecondsSubseconds formats supported
 CTimeSpanRepresents time interval
 CTimeSpanFormatsTime span formats supported
 CTimestampRepresents timestamp without time-zone information
 CTimestampFormatsCollection of timestamp formats supported
 CWarningListenerWarning listener
 CWeekCodesIdentifies week number within month
 CYearMonthRepresents month-year pair
 NstdSTL namespace
 Cless< OnixS::CME::DropCopy::String >Allows using of StringRef in collections like std::map
 Cless< OnixS::CME::DropCopy::StringRef >Allows using of StringRef in collections like std::map