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WarningCode Enumeration
Known (selected) warning codes.

Namespace:  OnixS.NET.ICE.iMpact
Assembly:  OnixS.IceImpactMulticastPriceFeedHandlerNet-4.7.2_x64 (in OnixS.IceImpactMulticastPriceFeedHandlerNet-4.7.2_x64.dll) Version:
public enum WarningCode
  Member nameValueDescription
Generic0 General-purpose warning.
NoNetworkActivity1 For each feed channel server sends out messages or heartbeats at fixed intervals. If the Handler has not received any message or a heartbeat for an extended period of time, NoNetworkActivity warning is raised by the Handler to identify that either multicast channel is no longer active or there is a network related issue.
SessionNumberMismatch2 Has a session number which is used to easily detect when a new session has started after the daily maintenance window or failure on the server side. If session number is different from previous one for a given multicast channel, error of sessionNumberMismatch code is reported by the Handler.
PacketGap3 Tells that there is sequence number gap in packets from a multicast feed.
PacketQueueOverflow4 Indicates that one of internal queues used by the Handler to store packets coming from network is overflowed.
ListenerFailure5 Indicates failure in the user-space code. When the Handler catches exception from the user-space code, warning of given code reported.
NoUdsForMarketType6 Indicates there are no UDS for requested market type.
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