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Generic TLS/SSL client/server

openssl command-line tool can be used as a generic TLS/SSL client/server which connects to a remote host or accepts incoming connections using TLS/SSL.

It's Windows version can be downloaded at

For example for the client:

openssl s_client -host HOSTNAME -port PORT -cert hostcert.pem -key hostkey.pem


openssl.exe s_client -host HOSTNAME -port PORT -cert hostcert.pem -key hostkey.pem -CAfile trustedCertificates.pem

For example for the server:

openssl s_server -port LISTEN_PORT -cert hostcert.pem -key hostkey.pem


openssl.exe s_server -port LISTEN_PORT -cert hostcert.pem -key hostkey.pem -CAfile trustedCertificates.pem

More details could be received using the -msg and -debug options.

The detailed description of these modes can be found at:

Third-party SSL/TLS tools

There are third-party SSL/TLS tools which can be used as an SSL/TLS proxy. For example, stunnel can be used for this purpose.

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