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EngineSettings.LicenseAlertingDaysBeforeExpiration Property
Specify the number of days to alert before the license expiration. If the number of remaining license days is less or equal to this number then the warning will be reported to the FIX Engine's log and Engine.Warning event will be invoked. The verification is performed during the following events: FIX Engine initialization, Session.LogonAsAcceptor and Session.LogonAsInitiator calls.

Namespace:  FIXForge.NET.FIX
Assembly:  FIXForge.NET.FIX.Engine-net-4.6.2_x64 (in FIXForge.NET.FIX.Engine-net-4.6.2_x64.dll) Version:
public uint LicenseAlertingDaysBeforeExpiration { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: UInt32
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