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ISession.SendAsIs Method (FlatMessageBatch, Int32)
Sends messages in a batch to the counterparty without any fields updating.

This method is asynchronous. As soon as a session is created, it is possible to start sending messages via the session. If the session is not established, the messages are stored in the session storage and will be sent in replay to the resend request when the connection is established with the counterparty and the sequence numbers mismatch is detected.

Namespace:  FIXForge.NET.FIX
Assembly:  FIXForge.NET.FIX.Engine-net-4.6.2_x64 (in FIXForge.NET.FIX.Engine-net-4.6.2_x64.dll) Version:
void SendAsIs(
	FlatMessageBatch messages,
	int maxPacketSize


Type: FIXForge.NET.FIX.FlatMessageBatch
Messages to be sent.
Type: System.Int32
The maximum number of bytes written to the socket's send buffer together. This parameter could be used to reduce the probability that the operating system will fragment a FIX message across multiple TCP packets. Note: The parameter should not be less than any message size in the batch. Otherwise, the method call will produce an error and the session will close the connection.
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