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OnixS .NET Framework FIX Engine requires a valid license key file for its execution. If there is no license file available or OnixS .NET Framework FIX Engine is not able to locate it, EngineException will be thrown.

Locating License

By default, OnixS .NET Framework FIX Engine looks for the license file in the same directory where the OnixS .NET Framework FIX Engine assembly (e.g. FIXForge.NET.FIX.Engine-net-3.5.dll) resides and then looks for the license in the user home directory.

However, your license file can be placed anywhere on the file system. To instruct OnixS .NET Framework FIX Engine about an alternative location of the license file, it's necessary to specify the path to the directory that contains the license file, using either the LicenseStore configuration setting or the LicenseStore property. You can specify more than one license store, the symbol '|' is used as the license store delimiter. Also, you can specify the license content directly using the LicenseString property.

using FIXForge.NET.FIX;

EngineSettings settings = new EngineSettings();

settings.LicenseStore = "C:/OnixS/Licenses";

Checking License Expiration

The License key file expiration date can be checked using the LicenseExpirationDate property of the Engine class.