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Session Events

The Session type exposes the following members.

Public eventBytesReceived
Raised when bytes received by the session.
Public eventErrorEvent
Error condition is detected.
Public eventInboundApplicationMsgEvent
Application-level message is received from the counterparty.
Public eventInboundSessionMsgEvent
Session-level message is received.
Public eventMessageResending
Sent application-level message is about to be resent to the counterparty.
Public eventMessageSending
Message is about to be sent to the counterparty.
Public eventOutboundApplicationMsgEvent
Application-level message will be sent to the counterparty.
Public eventOutboundSessionMsgEvent
Session-level message will be sent to the counterparty.
Public eventStateChangeEvent
Session state is changed.
Public eventWarningEvent
Warning condition is detected.
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