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Async File-based Session Storage

Asynchronous File-Based Session Storage combines the good-performance with the File-Based Session Storage functionality. This storage has the same abilities as File-Based Session Storage except for the asynchronous file operations. Each this storage creates the separated thread, which will be used to perform all operations with the file system.

Switching to Asynchronous File-based Session Storage

To create such a session, the storageType parameter in the Session(String, String, ProtocolVersion, Boolean, SessionStorageType) constructor has to be set to the AsyncFileBasedStorage value.

bool keepSequenceNumbersBetweenFixConnections = false;

Session session = new Session("SenderCompID", "TargetCompID", ProtocolVersion.FIX44, keepSequenceNumbersBetweenFixConnections, SessionStorageType.AsyncFileBasedStorage);