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Getting Started

This section guides through the most significant parts of the Audit Trail Generator architecture.


The OnixS CME Audit Trail Generator library depends on the OnixS .NET FIX Engine library

All classes of the OnixS CME Audit Trail Generator are located in the Onixs.Cme.AuditTrailSpreadsheetGenerator namespace.

How to use generator?

The typical way of using the OnixS CME Audit Trail Generator is:

  1. Create an instance of the FIXForge.NET.FIX.EngineSettings class to adjust FIX Engine settings.
  2. Set a path to a FIX Dialect file using EngineSettings.Dialect property. Our standard name for CME Trading dictionary file is CmeTradingFixDialect.xml.
  3. Initialize FIX Engine using Engine.Init method.
  4. Create an instance of the Generator class.
  5. Call Generate() method to generate a report.

The following C# code snippet illustrates basic usage of the OnixS CME Audit Trail Generator.

FIXForge.NET.FIX.EngineSettings settings = new FIXForge.NET.FIX.EngineSettings();
settings.Dialect = "CmeTradingFixDialect.xml";
settings.CreateEngineLogFile = false;

Generator generator = new Generator("Sender-CME-FIX_4_2_2016111808291264111111.summary");