# Report a Bug, Request a Feature or Information

The more details are provided the shorter way to the issue resolution.

Evaluation License

Mail to support@onixs.biz

Commercial License

Open the Issue Tracker (Jira)

If you experience Jira access problems please contact support@onixs.biz.

Important Details

Important details to provide: * Summary — short description of your issue. * Priority — the importance of issue to you — P1 Blocker, P2 Major, P3 Minor and P4 Trivial/Informational. * Affects Version/s — the version(s) of product you use. * Environment — Java vendor and version, OS, etc. * Description — detailed description, steps to reproduce the issue.

Additional Information

Additional information that will assist in resolution: * Latest acceptable time to get the resolution. * Test code to reproduce the case. * Log files — usually they are “logs/*”, “CMEiLink3HandlerStorage/*”, etc. * Input and output data/files. * Supplementary files — dialects, templates, etc.