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OnixS Java CME iLink 2 Audit Trail Generator — Programmer's Guide

Version 3.3.0



Onix Solutions Java CME iLink 2 Audit Trail Generator is a Java library that provides a functionality to generate a complete and accurate record of all activity through the connection, and account for every electronic communication by the order routing or front-end system from the time such order routing or front-end system receives or generates an electronic communication until it is communicated to CME Globex.

Below are the key features of the OnixS CME iLink 2 Audit Trail Generator:

It's highly recommended to read the "Minimum Acceptable Audit Trail Elements - Data Definitions and Validation Rules" before reading this Guide to get familiar with core aspects of CME Globex Front-End Audit Trail Requirements. It's also highly recommended to review the source code of the sample project which comes as part of library's distributive package alongside reading this Guide.

System Requirements

Getting Started

This section guides through the most significant parts of the Audit Trail Generator architecture.


The OnixS CME iLink 2 Audit Trail Generator library depends on the OnixS Java FIX Engine library.

All classes of the OnixS CME iLink 2 Audit Trail Generator belongs to the biz.onixs.cme.audit.trail.spreadsheet.generator packet.

How to use generator?

The typical way of using the OnixS CME iLink 2 Audit Trail Generator is:


The following Java code snippet illustrates basic usage of the OnixS CME iLink 2 Audit Trail Generator.

EngineSettings settings = new EngineSettings();

final SpreadsheetGenerator generator = new SpreadsheetGenerator("Sender-CME-FIX_4_2_2016111808291264111111.summary", ';');


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a specification for the .summary file?

The format of the FIX Engine .summary file is very simple: <IN|OUT> <timestamp> <raw FIX message>.


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