OnixS BME SENAF Handler C++ library  2.0.1
API documentation
Understading Handler Events

To meet the needs, SDK exposes service for listeners whose members are invoked by the OnixS::Senaf::MarketData::Handler instance once registered.

The following table summarizes the Handler events.

Event Description
OnixS::Senaf::MarketData::ErrorListener::onError Invoked by the Handler when error occudred
OnixS::Senaf::MarketData::WarningListener::onWarning Invoked by the Handler when warning occudred
OnixS::Senaf::MarketData::HandlerStateChangeListener::onHandlerStateChange Invoked by the Handler when its state changed
OnixS::Senaf::MarketData::LogReplayListener::onReplayFinished Invoked by the Handler when log replay finished