OnixS NASDAQ OMX Genium INET Handler for C++
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HalfTradeTicker Struct Reference

Half Trade Ticker. More...

Public Member Functions

std::string toString () const
 Returns string representation.

Public Attributes

TradingCode tradingCode
 Trading Code.
int64 tradeQuantity
 Quantity, Trade. More...
uint32 block
 Block Size. More...
BidOrAsk::Enum bidOrAsk
 Bid or Ask. More...
DealSource::Enum dealSource
 Deal Source. More...

Detailed Description

Half Trade Ticker.

Member Data Documentation

BidOrAsk::Enum bidOrAsk

Bid or Ask.

Specifies what quotation side is requested.

uint32 block

Block Size.

Minimum number of units (options, futures, forwards and so on) in an order transaction.

DealSource::Enum dealSource

Deal Source.

Refers to where the deal is created during the day.

int64 tradeQuantity

Quantity, Trade.

Define the number of contracts in the trade.