OnixS NASDAQ OMX Genium INET Handler C++ library  1.1.0
API documentation
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 System RequirementsProvides operating system and software requirements for given SDK
 Migration GuidelinesCovers aspects on migrating from previous releases
 Migration to version 1.1.0Covers aspects on migration to version 1.1.0
 Product VersioningDescribes current product versioning policy
 Getting StartedGuides through the most significant parts of the Handler's architecture
 Event Listeners
 Error Reporting
 Sample Projects
 Advanced ProgrammingProvides information about more advanced development techniques supported by given SDK
 Price Denominators
 Restore Own Deals
 Supported OMnet functionality
 Supported Session Types
 Threading Policies
 Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently asked questions
 SupportInformation on support and related resources
 External ResourcesCollection of links to helpful external resources