OnixS NASDAQ OMX Genium INET Handler for C++
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AccountAccount Information
AnswerTotObThe MA42 answer representation
ArgumentExceptionThe exception that is thrown when one of the arguments provided to a method is not valid
AttentionBit field, where one or several of fields below can be set
BasicTradeTickerBasic Trade Ticker
BidOrAskBid or Ask
BigAttentionBit field, where one or several of fields below can be set
BinaryVariantDefines the Option Binary Variants
BrokerSignatureUsed when a participant identifies the trading authority held by its own user
BusinessDateBusiness date
BuyOrSellSpecifies whether to buy or sell
ChangeReasonDefines why the order was changed
ChangesOrder book change informations
CollateralTypeCollateral types
CombinationCombo Box
ComboMarkCombination Order Mark
ConnectionRetriesConnection retries settings
Underlying::CouponCoupon attributes
CurrencyUnitCurrency Unit
CustomerInfoCustomer specific information
DatabaseEventDatabase event
DateRepresents date without time component
DayCalcRuleSpecifies the day calculation rule for the underlying
DaysOfWeekIdentifies day within week
DealInfoDeal Information
DealSourceRefers to where the deal is created during the day
DetailedDealInfoDetailed deal information
DirectedTradeInformationDirected Trade Information
DiscretionaryInfoDiscretionary value information
EditedPriceInfoReasonReason for Edited Price Information update
EditedPriceInformationListenerThe subscription to Edited Price Information (BD2) provides processed price information from the Central System
ErrorCodeHandler error code
ErrorContextError context information
ErrorListenerError listener
ErrorSeveritySeverity of the error
ExceptionBase exception class
ExchangeInfoExchange specific information
ExchangeListenerExchange information listener
ExchangeOrderTypeThis is bit-coded field for exchange specific order types and attributes
ExerciseLimitUnitExercise, Limit Unit
ExtendedTradeTickerExtended Trade Ticker
FirmOrderBookListenerDefines an interface through which the Handler notifies subscribers about all order-related activities for a firm, for example, when a user enters or changes an order or an order being matched by another order
FixedIncomeTradeTickerFixed Income Trade Ticker
FixedIncomeTypeThe price unit for the underlying can be one of the following:
ForwardStyleDefines if this an Series Group where corresponding Series Series are forward styled
GiveUpMemberInformation on Clearing Participant
GroupTypeDefines the type of instrument group
HalfTradeTickerHalf Trade Ticker
HandlerHigh-level handler abstraction
HandlerSettingsHandler settings
HandlerStateDefines the state that the handler is in
HandlerStateListenerHandler state change listener
HiddenVolumeMethodHidden Volume Method
HvAlterTransThe MO33 transaction
HvOrderTransThe MO31 transaction
IndicativeQuoteBaseIndicative Quote Base
IndicativeQuoteFixedIncomeIndicative Quote Fixed Income
IndicativeQuotesListenerThis listener is used to subscribe for indicative quotes
InstrumentClassInstrument Class Entity
InstrumentClassIdInstrument Class ID representation
InstrumentDefinitionListenerDefines an interface through which the Handler notifies subscribers about instrument definitions
InstrumentGroupInstrument Group representation
InstrumentGroupIdInstrument Group ID representation
InstrumentStatusInstrument status information
InstrumentTypeInstrument Type representation
InstrumentTypeIdInstrument Type ID representation
InvalidOperationExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a method call is invalid for the object's current state
KnockVariantKnock in/out variant
Combination::LegThis nested class represents leg definition
LogicExceptionBase class for logic-related exception
LogLevelLog level
LogSwitchesLogging options
LotTypeLot, Type
MarketMarket representation
MarketIdTyped Market ID representation
MarketInfoBaseMarket Info, Base structure fields
MarketInfoOmfiMarket Info, Omfi structure fields
MarketInfoTrdMarket Info, Trade Report structure fields
MarketListenerDefines an interface through which the Handler notifies subscribers about updates in the order books
MarketMessageMarket Announcement Information
MarketTypeDefines the type of market
MatchIdThis is the same Match ID that is presented in the NASDAQ OMX ITCH feed
MessageInfoTypeKind of message sent in announcement
MessagePriorityDefines the priority of the message
MidPriceTradeInfoMid Price Trade Info
MoneyOrParMoney or Par
MonthsIdentifies months in year
YearMonth::NoVerifySuppresses verification
ObCommandThe type of change in the Order Book
ObLevelsHiddenQuantityOrder Book Levels Hidden Quantity structure fields
ObLevelsIdOrder Book Levels ID structure fields
ObLevelsNoOfOrdersOrder Book Levels Hidden Quantity structure fields
ObLevelsOrderNumberOrder Book Levels Order Number structure fields
ObLevelsPriceOrder Book Levels Price structure fields
ObLevelsPriceVolumesOrder Book Levels Price Volumes structure fields
ObLevelsSequenceNumberOrder Book Levels Sequence Number structure fields
ObLevelsTotalQuantityOrder Book Levels Total Quantity structure fields
ObLevelsUndisclosedQuantityOrder Book Levels Undisclosed Quantity structure fields
OMexBoolBoolean type representation
OMexCharBoolBoolean type representation
OMexDateEncoded series date helper
OMexTimeEncoded time format is described in "OMex System Programmer's Manual"
OmnApiExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a OMNet API error occurs
OpenCloseRequestDescribes how the requested position account should be updated
OptionStyleDefines the style of the option
OptionTypeDefines the type of the option
OptionVariantDefines the option variant
OrderBookChangesListenerThe subscription to Order Book Changes (BO1/BO2) information
OrderBookLevelsListenerThe subscription to Order Book Levels (BO14) provides information on changes in the order book, but the data has been further processed by the central system before it is broadcasted
OrderChangeCombinedWhen an order entered into the system is modified (such as traded) in any way before being added to the order book, a struct is sent in the same broadcast
OrderChangeSeparateThe Order Change Separate structure is sent out due to changes in quantity of orders residing in the order book
OrderConditionDefines the validity period for an order transaction
OrderDbListenerDefines an interface through which the Handler notifies subscribers about order-related events
OrderIdOrder binary ID
OrderInfoThe Order Info structure holding all information about the order
OrderNoIdOrder info
OrderPriceChangeThe Order Price Change structure is sent out due to changes in price of orders residing in the order book
OrderRecordOrder information
OrderReturnInfoThe Order Return Info structure is limited to one per broadcast
OrderStateOrder state
OrderStatusOrder status (bit mask)
OrderTradeInfoOrder Trade Info
OrderTypeOrder type declares characteristics about an order in terms of a bit map where each bit is assigned a specific property
OrderVarOrder record details
OutsideInformationSpreadOutside Information Spread
OwnTradeInfoHolds one row of trade information
PartyThe declared counter party for the other side of the trade
PositionHandlingPosition handling
PricePrice system representation
PriceDepthUpdateModeMode indicating the source of price depth updates
PriceLevelPrice Level representation
PriceLevelChangeListenerDefines an interface through which the Handler notifies subscribers about detected changes in the order books
PriceUnitThe price unit for the underlying can be one of the following:
PriceUnitPremiumThe premium unit that describes the price unit in the trade
PriceUnitStrikeThe strike price unit for the class
PricingMethodPricing method
PublicDealInformationPublic Deal Information
PublicOrderInfoSpecifies how order information is distributed
QuantityChangeTypeWhen changing quantities there are two options: delta and absolute
RepoTypeDefines the type of the REPO (Repurchase agreement)
RuntimeExceptionAnalogue of std::runtime_error
SegmentInstanceNumberSegment Instance Number
SeriesSeries entity
SeriesAttributesStatic series characteristics
SeriesIdTyped Series ID representation
SeriesStatusThe actual status of the series
SettlementTypeSettlement, Type
SideSpecifies what quotation side is requested
StopConditionStop condition
SwapStyleDefines if this an Series Group where corresponding Series Series are swap styled
SyntheticTypeDefines the type of synthetic instrument
SystemExceptionSystem-level exception
InstrumentClass::TickSizeThis structure provides table information on a bid and/or offer set for each price fluctuation range
TimeSpanRepresents time interval
TimeSpanFormatsTime span formats supported
TimeSpecThe TimeSpec encapsulates seconds and nanoseconds since Epoch
TimestampRepresents timestamp without time-zone information
TimestampFormatsCollection of timestamp formats supported
TotalOrderBookListenerDefines an interface through which the Handler notifies subscribers about results of MQ7 (Total Order Book) query
TradeConditionThe condition in which a trade was executed
TradeInfoListenerDefines an interface through which the Handler notifies subscribers about deals on the market
TradeListenerDefines an interface through which the Handler notifies subscribers about results of trading operations
TradeReportTradeTickerTrade Report Trade Ticker
TradeReportTypeTrade Report Type
TradeStateIn what state is the trade?
TradeTickerAmendTrade Ticker Amend
TradeTickerListenerThis listener is used to subscribe for deals executed in the market
TradeTypeWhat type of trade is it?
TradingCodeInformation about user who created order
TradingStateTrading State
TrendIndicatorTrend indicator for the latest price compared to the previous one
UnderlyingUnderlying representation
UnderlyingStatusUnderlying Status
UnderlyingTypeThe security [underlying] can be one of the following types:
UserAccountSession login settings
WeekDaysWeek day flags
WorkupChangeReasonWorkup change reason
WorkupStateWorkup state
WorkupTradeInfoWorkup Trade Info
YearMonthRepresents month-year pair
OMexDate::YMDYear/Month/Day structure