OnixS C++ MTS Repo SDP Handler
API documentation
Connectivity Troubleshooting

Issues Related with Receiving Multicast Data

In most cases, absence of multicast data is caused by network-related configuration issues described below.

Firewall Blocks Program and GettingStarted Sample

Updating firewall rules or simply turning it off usually solves the issue.

Disabling firewall explicitly may be dangerous. Consult your network and system administrator before turning firewall off.

Identification and Authentication

IP Addresses and Ports

At first the participant must establish a TCP/IP session - the IP/port numbers are provided by the exchange.

On the phase of connection, OnixS::Mts::Cash::SDP::Handler::connect can throw exceptions:

In this case you should check:

  1. Connection IP/Port is correct?
  2. Connection is available?

If both are OK, you should contact to OnixS Technical Support or MTS Client Services.