OnixS MTS Repo/SDP Handler for C++
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Public Member Functions

virtual ClassId::Enum id () const
 Class id. More...
size_t deserialize (const void *buf, size_t inLen)
virtual std::string toString () const
 Provides string presentation. More...
virtual size_t serializationBufSize () const
virtual REPO_HIST_ACM_BEST_EXECUTIONclone () const
virtual REPO_HIST_ACM_BEST_EXECUTIONclone (void *) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Class
virtual ~Class ()
 Destructor. More...
size_t getMaxMessageSize () const

Public Attributes

UInt32 fillMsgId
 Unique ID of the trade. More...
UInt32 msgDate
 Data at which the data was generated. More...
std::string memberCode
 ABI/MTS code of the member to whom data are addressed. More...
std::string memberDesc
 Description of the member. More...
std::string memberShortDesc
 Short description of the member. More...
UInt32 cashOfferMsgId
 Unique ID of the Cash Offer. More...
 ID of the instrument. More...
UInt32 numRows
 Number of Collateral Offers. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const size_t collateralOffersSize = 200
 Collateral Offer Depth. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual ClassId::Enum id ( ) const

Class id.

Implements Class.

virtual std::string toString ( ) const

Provides string presentation.

Implements Class.

Member Data Documentation

UInt32 cashOfferMsgId

Unique ID of the Cash Offer.

const size_t collateralOffersSize = 200

Collateral Offer Depth.

UInt32 fillMsgId

Unique ID of the trade.

ID of the instrument.

std::string memberCode

ABI/MTS code of the member to whom data are addressed.

std::string memberDesc

Description of the member.

std::string memberShortDesc

Short description of the member.

UInt32 msgDate

Data at which the data was generated.

UInt32 numRows

Number of Collateral Offers.