OnixS ICE iMpact Multicast Price Feed Handler C++ library  8.5.1
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Upgrade from 6.x to 7.x

OnixS ICE iMpact Multicast Price Feed Handler 7.x brings new features and enhancements.

Following sections depicts what was changed and what to do with all these changes.

Support latest iMpact Multicast Feed Message Specification

In the new version 7.x we have added support for the following versions of the specification:

Also, we have updated SecuritySubType according to the latest version 3.8 (October 16, 2019) of the ICE Strategy Code Reference Manual.

Library Naming

In the new version 7.x the naming for libraries is changed again. Now you need to replace the following name component for your version of Visual Studio(s):

For example, in the version 6.x you had onixs-icemdh-vs14-x86.lib, but int version 7.x you will have onixs-icemdh-vc140-x86.lib.

Type Migration

We have changed type from int to size_t for the following HandlerSettings's fields: