OnixS C++ FIX Engine  4.2.0
API Documentation
FIX Session Threading Model

Each session instance starts at least two separate threads: for sending and receiving messages. The following table explains which callbacks could be called by the each one thread.

CallbackPrimary application threadSending threadReceiving thread
OnixS::FIX::ISessionListener::onError No Yes Yes
OnixS::FIX::ISessionListener::onInboundApplicationMsg No No Yes
OnixS::FIX::ISessionListener::onInboundSessionMsg No No Yes
OnixS::FIX::ISessionListener::onOutboundApplicationMsg Yes Yes No
OnixS::FIX::ISessionListener::onOutboundSessionMsg Yes Yes No
OnixS::FIX::ISessionListener::onReceivedBytes No No Yes
OnixS::FIX::ISessionListener::onMessageSending Yes Yes No
OnixS::FIX::ISessionListener::onResendRequest No No Yes
OnixS::FIX::ISessionListener::onStateChange Yes Yes Yes
OnixS::FIX::ISessionListener::onWarning Yes Yes Yes