OnixS C++ CME MDP Premium Market Data Handler  5.8.3
API Documentation
Listening to feed events

The OnixS::CME::MDH::ChannelFeedListener class allows being notified about multicast and TCP feed events. To subscribe to these events, use the handler.settings().listeners().feeds() path.

Feed identification

Each callback of the OnixS::CME::MDH::ChannelFeedListener supplies information about the data source via the OnixS::CME::MDH::NetFeed instance.

Feed tracing

The OnixS::CME::MDH::PacketArgs instance allows access to the received data via the OnixS::CME::MDH::PacketArgs::data member and the data source using the OnixS::CME::MDH::PacketArgs::source member. It is possible to implement various tracing services to determine duplicates and gaps in data for a particular or all feeds of a specific type using the received packet details (primarily sequence number) and its origin. The OnixS::CME::MDH::PacketArgs::receiveTime attribute can be used to identify delays in receiving data from a particular feed. This analysis could help in tracing network or application-level issues.