OnixS C++ CME Audit Trail Generator  3.5.0
API documentation
Upgrade from 3.2.3 to 3.3.0

OnixS C++ CME iLink 2 Audit Trail Generator version 3.3.0 includes several changes in the public headers and libraries names.

Release Notes

The full list of changes available here.

SDK changes

In the version 3.3.0 the Handler migrated to the new build system. This caused changes in the distribution package and contents of the SDK.

Changes in product versioning

The previous versioning convention includes the following components:

The new versioning convention is using only three components:

Changes in library names

For Linux:

Old name New name
libOnixS.CmeAuditTrailGeneratorCpp.so libonixs-cme-audit-trail-generator.so
libOnixS.CmeAuditTrailGeneratorCpp.so.a.b.c.d libonixs-cme-audit-trail-generator.so.x.y.z

For Windows:

Old name New name
OnixS.CmeAuditTrailGeneratorCpp-vs16_x64_D.(dll|lib) onixs-cme-audit-trail-generator-vs142-x64-d.(dll|lib)
OnixS.CmeAuditTrailGeneratorCpp-vs16_x64.(dll|lib) onixs-cme-audit-trail-generator-vs142-x64.(dll|lib)
OnixS.CmeAuditTrailGeneratorCpp-vs16_D.(dll|lib) onixs-cme-audit-trail-generator-vs142-x86-d.(dll|lib)
OnixS.CmeAuditTrailGeneratorCpp-vs16.(dll|lib) onixs-cme-audit-trail-generator-vs142-x86.(dll|lib)

Changes in distribution package names

The names of the distribution packages were changed from the OnixS.CmeAuditTrailGeneratorCpp-(PLATFORM-ID)-A_B_C_D.(EXTENSION) to the OnixS.CmeAuditTrailGeneratorCpp-(PLATFORM-ID)-X.Y.Z.(EXTENSION).