OnixS C++ CME MDP Conflated UDP Handler  1.0.2
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LogEvents.h File Reference

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class  LogEvent
struct  LogError
struct  LogWarning
struct  LogInfo
struct  LogDebug




template<typename Undefined >
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, Undefined undefined)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, const Char *cStr)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, const std::string &str)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, const StrRef &strRef)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, Char character)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, Int8 number)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, UInt8 number)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, Int16 number)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, UInt16 number)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, Int32 number)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, UInt32 number)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, Int64 number)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, UInt64 number)
template<class Mantissa , class Exponent >
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, const FixedPointDecimal< Mantissa, Exponent > &number)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, const Timestamp &timestamp)
LogEvent & operator<< (LogEvent &event, const TimeSpan &timeSpan)