OnixS C++ CME MDP Conflated TCP Handler  1.2.1
API Documentation
Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)

Each Conflated TCP session is represented with a unique 64-bit identifier (UUID). CME Group recommends using the system timestamp, which represents the number of microseconds since epoch (Jan 1, 1970) as the timestamp.

The OnixS::CME::ConflatedTCP::Session automatically generates the UUID in the following cases:

One can pass a UUID value manually to the OnixS::CME::ConflatedTCP::Session::Session constructor.

To read the UUID value, use the OnixS::CME::ConflatedTCP::Session::uuid() const method.

For example:

std::clog << session.uuid() << std::endl;

Re-Setting UUID

To reset the UUID intra-session on the same trading day, use the OnixS::CME::ConflatedTCP::Session::reset(bool startOfWeek=false) method.

To reset the UUID before the first connection of the week (so-called "Weekly Reset"), use the OnixS::CME::ConflatedTCP::Session::reset(bool startOfWeek=true) method.

The OnixS::CME::ConflatedTCP::Session::reset method can be called only when the session is disconnected.
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