OnixS C++ CME MDP Conflated TCP Handler  1.1.0
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAggressorFlagAggressorFlag type
 CAggressorSideAggressorSide type
 CBase64EncodingBASE64 encoding service
 CBinaryBlock< Container, BlockLength >Services to access fields stored in an SBE-encoded block of fixed-length fields
 CBinaryBlock< Messaging::SbeMessage, MessageSize >
 CBinaryBlock< SbeGroupEntry< BodySizeType >, BodySizeType >
 CConditionCondition variable - a synchronization objects that allows threads to wait for certain events (conditions) to occur
 CSessionSettings::DefaultDefault session settings
 CEntryTypeMDEntryType type
 CEntryTypeBookMDEntryTypeBook type
 CEntryTypeDailyStatisticsMDEntryTypeDailyStatistics type
 CEntryTypeStatisticsMDEntryTypeStatistics type
 CErrorCodesErrorCodes type
 CEventTypeEventType type
 CexceptionSTL class
 CFieldsInitPolicyThe policy to create messages with null-initialized optional fields
 CFieldsNoInitPolicyThe policy to create messages without initialized optional fields
 CFixedPointDecimal< MantissaType, ExponentType >Forward declarations
 CFloatingPointDecimal< MantissaType, ExponentType >A real number with a floating exponent
 CGatewayCME Conflated TCP Gateway Emulator
 CGroupSizeRepeating group dimensions
 CGroupSizeRepeating group dimensions
 CGroupSize8Byte8 Byte aligned repeating group dimensions
 CGroupSizeEncodingRepeating group dimensions
 CGroupSizeEncodingRepeating group dimensions
 CGuard< Acquirable >Performs automatic acquisition and release of a synchronization object
 CHaltReasonHaltReason type
 CInstAttribValueInstAttribValue type
 CIntegralConstant< Type, Constant >Integral constant
 CIsSameSignedness< T, U >
 CSbeGroupEntries< EntryType, BlockLength, NumInGroup, Length >::IteratorAn iterator over SBE-encoded group entries
 CSessionSettings::KeyThe keys that are used to load settings from the configuration file
 CLegSideLegSide type
 CLocalWatchLocal watch
 CMarketDataListenerCallbacks invoked by Handler during market data processing to reflect various stages of processing
 CMatchEventIndicatorMatchEventIndicator type
 CMaturityMonthYearYear, Month and Date
 CMessageHeaderTemplate ID and length of message root
 CMessageHeaderTemplate ID and length of message root
 CMessageHolder< MessageTypeT, MaxMessageSize, MessageInitializer >Contains the SimpleOpenFramingHeader, the SBE message, and the data buffer
 CMessagePtr< Message >Message container
 CMoneyOrParMoneyOrPar type
 CMonthThe months in year
 CSbeMessage::NoFieldsInitFor tagged constructors
 CNullDecimal9Null values definition for optional Decimal9 field
 CNullDecimalQtyNull values definition for optional DecimalQty field
 CNullMaturityMonthYearNull values definition for optional MaturityMonthYear field
 CNullPRICE9Null values definition for optional PRICE9 field
 COpenCloseSettlFlagOpenCloseSettlFlag type
 COrderUpdateActionOrderUpdateAction type
 CPriceSourcePriceSource type
 CPtrTraits< T >
 CPutOrCallPutOrCall type
 CSessionStorage::RawMessagePointerPointer to the SBE Message
 CRepoSubTypeRepoSubType type
 CReqRejReasonMDReqRejReason type
 CRequestIDStatusRequestIDStatus type
 CSbeGroup< EntryType, DimensionType, GroupSizeType >SBE-encoded repeating group
 CSbeGroupEntries< EntryType, BlockLength, NumInGroup, Length >Operations over SBE-encoded repeating group entries
 CSbeGroupList< BinarySize >Groups list
 CSbeVariableLengthFieldList< BinarySize >Variable-length fields list
 CSchemaTraitsAttributes of SBE message schema
 CSchemaTraitsAttributes of SBE message schema
 CSecurityAltIDSourceSecurityAltIDSource type
 CSecurityTradingEventSecurityTradingEvent type
 CSecurityTradingStatusSecurityTradingStatus type
 CSecurityUpdateActionSecurityUpdateAction type
 CSessionAn Conflated TCP Session
 CSessionErrorReasonSession Error Reason
 CSessionListenerSession's Listener
 CSessionSettingsSession settings
 CSessionStateIdSession state ID
 CSessionStorageSession's storage
 CSessionStorageTypeSession Storage Type
 CSessionWarningReasonSession Warning Reason
 CSettlPriceTypeSettlPriceType type
 CHasMemberTraits< T >::SFINAE< U >
 CHasMantissa< T >::SFINAE< U >
 CHasExponent< T >::SFINAE< U >
 CHasSerializeMember< T >::SFINAE< U, noexcept >
 CHasValueStaticMember< T >::SFINAE< U, U::Value >
 CSideSide type
 CSimpleOpenFramingHeaderSimple Open Framing Header
 CSocketOptionSocket option
 CSubscriptionReqTypeSubscriptionReqType type
 CThisThreadCurrent thread related tasks
 CThreadAffinityRepresents set of CPU indices
 CThreadingModelThreading model
 CTimeSpanTime interval
 CTimeSpanFormatTimespan formatting patterns
 CTimestampThe time point without the time-zone information
 CTimestampFormatTimestamp formatting patterns
 CTimeTraitsMiscellaneous time characteristics
 CUpdateActionMDUpdateAction type
 CWorkupTradingStatusWorkupTradingStatus type